U.S. Sovereignty

American Sovereignty

Over Domestic Affairs

Identity Politics & Preferential “Rights”

In the 1960s, the civil rights movement sought the assistance of government to enforce the fundamental principle that all human persons are created equal. But today’s civil rights groups have abandoned that principle in favor of preferential treatment for groups designated by race or sex. This is simply wrong. We cannot cure a past injustice with another injustice. Preferential identity policies like quotas and affirmative action patronize American blacks, other minorities and women by presuming that they cannot succeed on their own; that they are not fully capable people with their own God-given moral agency. Preferential policies are inegalitarian and coercive, and do not advance civil rights this country, as they seek to guarantee not equality of opportunity, but outcome. They are incompatible with republican government of, by and for the People. They are another government patronage source giving money and jobs to politically favored groups and the comparatively few who are thus benefited, while advancing a socialist agenda of collectivism over respect for the individual person. This is corrosive to our natural sense of fairness, and breeds resentment in the many who are excluded. These policies undermine national unity, and divide us as a people by propagandizing the Left’s ideological siren song of victimhood and promoting the moral and family breakdown that are chief causes of the violence, despair and misery in which too many of our fellow citizens struggle to live decently. 

Illegal Immigration

Respect for the blessings of liberty commands that immigration reform and enforcement address only for those flooding illegally into America, but all those who have come before, and who wait patiently and lawfully to enter. We must ensure that America welcomes those committed to becoming part of our nation, and properly rejects those who come only to exploit economic opportunities or to foment revolt. Our Constitution guarantees us a republican form of government; we have a duty to resist hostile ideological transformations of America by those pretending to join our great experiment while proudly flaunting their allegiance to a foreign flag.

Citizenship is the proper fruit of immigration, and assimilating new citizens is what makes it good for America. Accepting the presence of large numbers of people who maintain their loyalty to a foreign nation, a foreign language, and a foreign culture, and who mean to claim many of the benefits but none of the responsibilities of U.S. citizenship, is effectually not immigration, but colonization—a dangerous departure from the tradition that built this great republic, and the culmination of inept policies that will end in its dissolution.

For decades, thousands of illegal immigrants have weekly crossed our southern border. At least twenty percent (20%) are known criminals, drug dealers, sex traffickers, and gang lords. Mingled among these are potential terrorists from countries hostile to the United States. This illegal flood is excused for economic reasons. Politicians in the pocket of special interests tell us our economy needs cheap, foreign, “illegal” labor. In fact, exhaustive 2017 data confirms that illegal immigration drains our resources, costing federal and state taxpayers nationally an estimated $115 billion a year in subsidies for healthcare, schooling, welfare benefits, and domestic crime-fighting and incarceration. The exploitation of illegal aliens in the job market results in lower wages and job losses for native-born Americans, naturalized citizens, and legal immigrants. Current trends, left unchecked, can be expected to decrease the standard of living for everyone.

The smuggling of aliens is itself inhumane. Death is a frequent consequence of illicit border-crossing attempts. Those who survive often suffer disease, starvation, dehydration, and abuse from their smugglers. Women are raped, and even children are trafficked for sexual exploitation.
This is incompatible with the vision Americans have for their country and with our republic’s founding principles. More than any other country, we extend a hand of compassionate welcome to the tired, poor, and needy. But we do so under a system of law, order, equality, and protection of human rights. That’s the American way: the shining torch of liberty and justice, a nation to whose Godly precepts we are convenanted, which we seek to exemplify to all the world. The supposed benefits of illegal immigration are forged in force, fraud, coercion and crime to the detriment of our national character, our unity, our prosperity, our security—and our sovereignty.

Parental Rights & School Choice

The court-initiated prohibition of school prayer is yoked to our nation’s neglect of moral education and character formation, and its rejection of traditional civics and history instruction. Our children do not know who they are or where they come from, and they do not know where they are—or should be—going. The value-free education of government-run schools is all too often education without value. This is especially true now that “outcome based education” means curriculum that is just politically correct indoctrination of our children.

Government money is increasingly used to force onto our youth a low quality, crassly conformist materialism hostile to America’s greatness. Parents and local citizens often know better than their educrat masters but are unable to break the iron grip of an entrenched and costly monopoly. Education reform today is thus a battleground of the people’s sovereignty, of liberty and self-government.

We advocate for the natural and legal rights of parents to “train up a child in the way he should go…” We strongly favor school choice approaches that empower parents to place their children in schools that reflect the parents’ faith and values. We not only need prayer in schools for our children, we need schools with teachers and administrators who pray. Above all, we must break the government monopoly and the corrupt, Leftist union stranglehold on public education. This includes the broad deployment of tax vouchers for public and privately held (religious) schools, charter schools and wide latitude in home schooling liberty.

Over International Affairs

Defense, Foreign Policy & Israel

As the leader of the free world, America has a right and a duty to eliminate international terrorism that threatens us, and to resist the depredations of tyranny at home and abroad. We must vigilantly defend our sovereignty, independence, and identity as Americans. In doing so, we must be certain our policies, military might, and foreign relationships are executed with prudence and justice. U.S. power projection in these objectives is always defensive, in maintenance of our liberty, as is consistent with republican virtue.

This is because America is not an empire. The Constitution places on the federal government a solemn obligation to provide for our nation’s “common defense” and to undertake those policies that best fulfill that goal, including the nurturing of alliances with friendly nations. Our best and most trustworthy alliances are bilateral, one sovereign nation with another, cemented in shared principles. America’s special relationship and commitment to Israel, for example, is a moral obligation, not a matter of realpolitik, or calculation of the military odds, or strategic advantage.

America’s friendship with Israel reflects a moral truth about who we are and what we stand for. In our foreign policy and alliances, merely pragmatic considerations of money, oil, or any other strategic expediency cannot govern. We must set our course mindful we are morally obligated to always stand foursquare with those who fight on the front lines of freedom and representative government, especially if they do so with the kind of decency, courage, and integrity demonstrated by the valiant people of Israel. We the American People have sovereignty over this course of moral rectitude, and we must act.

Our national creed, the Declaration of Independence, tells us that our rights come from the Creator; all our claims to liberty and legitimacy as a free people rest on the premise that our rights should be exercised with respect for His authority, in accord with His will. Yet, we have forbidden our teachers in the schools even to mention His Name, and we have practically expunged the very concept of Him from our public discourse and our armed services.

We squabble over and even deny those ideas that constitute the basis of our moral character and our moral decency. This betrayal eats away every day at our integrity, at our conscience, at our moral self-confidence. But moral self-confidence is central to what is required to sustain our claims to liberty, and to embolden us to fight in its defense. It is very hard to sustain the claim to rights and liberty if we believe we’re not decent enough to use them rightly.

And, when confronted by ruthless aggression, it is very hard then to remain righteous and prudent warriors, or a reliable ally. This is the real crisis that all who love and respect America, and who seek to defend true allies like Israel, are facing. This crisis will—if we do not resolve it rightly with a return to faith in our Creator God—destroy the confidence we need to hold our freedoms at home and defend our liberty and decency abroad.

Fair Trade

American “free trade” policy has increasingly involved shameful surrenders of national sovereignty and grants of excessive authority to international organizations of questionable political legitimacy. The NAFTA/GATT/WTO agreements were major mistakes that abandoned all pretense to “fair trade.” The World Trade Organization undermines America’s sovereign international economic interests.

The American people must repudiate the policy of establishing unelected, unaccountable international bodies that strike down our domestic laws and usurp our constitutional process for treaty-making. We must repudiate disgraceful, profit-driven alliances with the despots in Beijing. And we must refuse to permit our representatives in Congress to volunteer for Constitutional impotence by granting “fast track” authority to the president to strike back room trade deals without the advice and consent of the Senate.

We are a staunch defender of authentic free enterprise and an opponent of the domineering bureaucracies, both national and international, which try to suffocate it. But just as emphatically as we reject doctrinaire socialism, we will not stand with those who believe that “free trade” is more important than free government, or with those who believe that money and economic advantage matter more than our right to constitutional, electoral self-determination. Trade socialism must be defeated root and branch, even when it is falsely called “free trade.”

United Nations

The fundamental goal of American statesmanship must be to maintain an independent sphere of sovereign American interests and principles, and to pursue them in the world with prudence and courage, always aware that the United States alone is responsible for its own destiny.

Whatever benefits of international cooperation the United Nations ever may have made possible, it has from its flawed founding been a source of dangerously naive globalist fantasies. Some American politicians have been so corrupted by the internationalist ideal that they cannot resist the temptation to elevate the United Nations into a supra-national entity that imperils American sovereignty. Due to its overwhelmingly anti-democratic membership majority, its agenda has now lurched firmly Leftward into the destructive embrace of criminally authoritarian/totalitarian regimes.

Should this pernicious situation persist, the United States will have to withdraw from the United Nations, and yet steadfastly maintain our ongoing international responsibilities as a sovereign nation and world leader. Ultimately, it is more important that the United States of America should survive in freedom than that the United Nations should survive at all.

We believe it is the constitutional responsibility of our nation to protect against foreign entities or domestic special interest groups making policy decisions that affect all Americans